The Safe Esthestics & Cosmetic Surgery Initiative was born at PSNY as a response to patient concerns and our doctors' practices. We noticed that all of our care protocols and standards of practice were founded with patient safety as a priority, and that this represented the best practices of surgical and aesthetic medicine. We also noticed that safety was a high priority among our patients, who are sophisticated consumers and know well what matters most in their care and in their caregivers.

Over the years, we evaluated our own practices, each others' practices, and those of our colleagues. We examined the literature and spoke with anesthesiologists. We drew on our experiences with thousands of patients and noted areas of improvement and success. And then we took it one step further and established protocols that maximize outcomes and minimize risk. 

The SECSI movement was born as a response to patient questions, our own experiences, and the most up to date medical research. We believe that cosmetic treatments should carry minimal risk, and that every effort should be made to that end. Sometimes that means that a new technique is better, and sometimes that means that you stick with what is tried and true. In the end, the only thing noteworthy about your experience should be your result. A smooth ride to a beautiful you is as SECSI as it gets.