Knowing how to pick your patients is as important as knowing how to pick your surgeon. The highest risks in aesthetics come from performing the wrong procedure on the wrong patient. Not all patients are candidates for their desired procedures. A SECSI surgeon will guide you through the decision making process, evaluate you thoroughly for each possible intervention, and design a treatment plan with the big picture in mind. 

The key to elective cosmetic surgery is to maximize benefit while minimizing risk, weighing the likely result with the possible complications. In cases where potential complications outweigh the desired outcome, or where the aesthetic goal is unlikely to be met, the desired procedure should be deferred. 

Our surgeons will require medical clearance proportional to the planned procedure. We will communicate and coordinate with your existing medical professionals, and every effort will be made to ensure that your overall health is optimized. We will discuss your preoperative and postoperative care, nutrition, bathing, and dressings. After your procedure, we will be available to you day or night for any questions or concerns that may arise. You will always have recourse. You will always have guidance. And your surgeon will be with you until your post-operative course is complete. Because peace of mind is truly SECSI.